​​Our Mission

​​​St. An's provides a home for approximately 80 children in the beautiful rural countryside of Vietnam. The children range in age from infant to their 20's. A quarter of the children at St. An's are special needs, with varying levels of cognitive and/or physical limitations.

The majority of the children enter St. An’s as infants and will live there throughout their childhood. Presently, there are no adoptions allowed. St. An's is not a government funded facility. 

St. An's Orphanage

​​​​​​The mission of Project Being There (PBT) is to provide long-term assistance to the orphanage to improve the quality of life and expand opportunities for children living at St. An's. 

PBT provides a solid foundation for each child, so they will mature in a nurturing, safe and positive environment. 

Our commitment begins the day each child enters the orphanage and continues until the time he or she has completed their education, or has become self-sufficient.

​We invite you to read about our programs and our travels to St. An's over the years. We use a hands-on holistic approach to working at the orphanage. Our programs at St. An's target:

           - Physical

           - Dental

           - Nutrition


Our Programs

​​​Project Being There

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