​​Project Being There

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Project Being There is a charitable organization working to improve the lives of children living at St. An’s Orphanage located in Nam Dinh, Vietnam.

The mission of Project Being There (PBT) is to provide long-term assistance to the orphanage to uplift the quality of life and expand opportunities for children living at St. An’s. PBT intends to provide a solid foundation for each child, so they will mature in a nurturing, safe, and positive environment. Our commitment to each child begins the day each child enters the orphanage and continues until the time he or she becomes self-sufficient.

St. An’s provides a home in the beautiful rural countryside for about 80 children ranging in age from infant to about 20 years. More than 20 of the children are special needs, with varying levels of cognitive and/or physical limitations. 

We invite you to read more about our educational sponsorship program and consider giving a donation to support the ongoing efforts to maintain and improve opportunities for healthy and happy living at St. An's Orphanage.

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