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                . . . a charitable organization working to improve the lives of children living at St. An's Orphanage in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam

Nutrition Program

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The cost to feed one child, three meals a day is $1 USD.  In addition, the cost to provide dairy products like milk, or yogurt for one meal a day is $0.50. St. An's maintains beautiful gardens that provide fresh vegetables and fruits during the warmer months in Vietnam. However, dairy products are imported from other locations, like Australia. This increases the cost of dairy products considerably. 

PBT has worked with the orphanage on improving the overall nutrition of the children by offering additional fresh fruit and vegetable options, adding vitamin supplements, and by adding dairy products to the daily menu.  Adding calcium and vitamin enriched dairy products also supports our goal to improve the overall physical and dental health of the children.

PBT welcomes any assistance on purchasing vitamin supplements, and dairy products for the orphanage.

Please designate "nutrition" with your donation.