​​​Project Being There

​Facility Improvements

We funded construction of a laundry building for the orphanage that allowed the orphanage to have a location to wash and dry the many loads of laundry generated daily.  

PBT takes a holistic approach to improving the lives of the children at St. An's Orphanage. One aspect of our work at St. An's has been facility improvements, and additions at the orphanage. One of our first projects was the addition of hand and kitchen sinks. Prior to installation of the sinks, all washing took place in a water retention pond near the orphanage. 

*Please designate "facility" with your donation. 

PBT has purchased computer equipment for the orphanage, and funded installation and maintenance of internet service.  

We appreciate any support toward our ongoing work to improve the living conditions at the orphanage for the children. 

PBT has upgraded the dormitory rooms by painting walls, installing window screens, and purchasing new dormitory furniture. 

The Vietnam Nurse Project joined us in funding the installation of a water purification system that provided clean water for all of of the orphanage buildings. At the time PBT first began their support, the water source was a heavily polluted pond.  

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