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Sponsoring a child means you will pay the school fees for a school age child (K-12) for one year. Your donation to spons​or a child for one year is $175.00 USD. This amount pays for tuition, uniform, and other essential supplies for the child you sponsor. Each child will provide an annual year end update for their sponsor.

*Please designate "education" with your donation. 


                . . . a charitable organization working to improve the lives of children living at St. An's Orphanage in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam

​​Education Program

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The first step on the road to success for the children who live at St. An’s is having an education. School begins at four-year-old Kindergarten and continues through 12th grade. Three schools in the area provide elementary, middle, and high school for the orphanage, and community children. The children walk to school each morning, return to St. An’s for lunch, then return to school for afternoon classes. Everything is “by the bell.” Each day the bells ring at 4:30 a.m. for morning prayers, then again at 6:00 a.m. for breakfast and for the children to do their chores before leaving for school.

We hope you will consider sponsoring one of St. An’s school children. Since 2009, when we started, we have averaged 35 children needing sponsors each year. Your sponsorship connects a child at St. An’s to a caring person outside the orphanage. Education is the key to a brighter future. Your sponsorship directly connects you to your sponsored child who knows that someone special is dedicated to their well-being and success in life.