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                . . . a charitable organization working to improve the lives of children living at St. An's Orphanage in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam

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Dental Program

The 3M Corporation has contributed to improving dental health by donating a fluoride dental treatment.  The children receive two treatments a year.  We also provide new toothbrushes and toothpaste for the orphanage on each visit. Dr. Minh reports fewer cavities each year, and the children report fewer toothaches! Every year we take approximately 55 children to the dentist. The cost of visiting the dentist averages $13 per child.  

PBT officially established a dental program at the orphanage in 2014.  Dental care is very important, and we found many of the children in great need of attention. We were fortunate to find a local dentist who used modern dental techniques and equipment.  St. An's is in a rural area, so Dr. Minh was an unexpected find.  This marked the first time any of the children had visited a dentist. Dr. Minh and his hygienist, focused on cleaning their teeth and identifying the children who needed further dental care.  Each year since, we have taken the children for a dental exam and cleaning. 

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