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Sponsor a Child

Project Being There is dedicated to working with the St. An's children to reach their full potential. The first step in a path of success is having an education. Sponsoring a child for school means you will pay the school fees for one child for a year.

The amount to sponsor a child for a year is $150 USD. This amount covers the tuition, uniform and supplies for your child.

You have the opportunity to reach into a child's life through sponsorship. The children appreciate the support and it connects them to people outside the orphanage who care. 

This school year, 2015-16, we have 36 students. School begins with four year old Kindergarten, through 12th grade. There are three schools, elementary, middle and high school. The children walk to school each morning, return to the orphanage for lunch, then walk back to school for afternoon classes.

We hope you will consider sponsoring one of our school aged children.

Click here to see students. 

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