"small victories in a large world"

Our Programs

The first program established by Propject Being There is at St. An’s Orphanage, located in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam. St.An’s Orphanage has approximately 80 children ranging in age from infant to 20 years. Twenty-four of the children are special needs with varying levels of cognitive and/or physical limitations. PBT has identified specific immediate and long-term goals for facilitating change at St.An’s.
  • Providing educational support and training through an educational sponsorship program for the children.
  • Supporting staff training programs specifically designed toward the proper care and enhancing development of the handicapped residents.
  • Ensuring adequate housing is provided and facility upgrades occur maintaining a safe environment for the orphanage residents.
  • Improving health and nutrition through ensuring the residents have a clean water source, access to healthy foods, and providing vitamin supplements.
  • Funding medical evaluations and care for residents requiring specific corrective interventions and/or surgeries.
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