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​​Project Being There

Sponsor a Child

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Project Being There (PBT) is dedicated to working with St. An's Orphanage to provide the children who live there an environment for reaching their full potential. Sponsoring a child means you will pay the school fees for one child for one year. Your donation to sponsor a child for one year is $175 U.S. dollars. This amount covers tuition, uniform, and other essential supplies for the child you sponsor.

The first step on the road to success for the children who live at St. An’s is having an education. School begins at four-years-old in kindergarten and runs through 12th grade. Three schools in the area provide elementary,  middle and high school studies.  A typical school day begins for the children at the 4:30 AM bell. The children have time to get dressed, do their morning chores, go to  morning prayers, have breakfast, and then leave for school. They  walk to school each morning, then return to St. An’s for lunch and a rest-time.  After the lunch break they return to school for afternoon classes. Their school day usually ends between 4:30 and 5:00 PM.  It is a long day, particularly for the younger students. 

We hope you will consider sponsoring one of our St. An’s children. During the current school year, we have 48 school age students. We have six students who have graduated high school and are in either a vocational training program or enrolled at the university. From year to year the number of infants or other children who are embraced by St. An’s changes, the need for sponsors reaches well into the future.  

Your sponsorship connects a child at St. An’s Orphanage to a caring person outside the orphanage. Who can measure the impact on a child who knows that someone special is dedicated to their well-being and success in life?

Sponsors receive an annual year end update on each child they sponsor with an updated picture.